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The market keeps getting bigger and bigger, with the introduction of the nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 from Google as well as the kindle fire HD, prices have become more competitive. The rise in the popularity of the 7 inch tablet has made all of these more accessible to everyone, the ipad mini was an important step, proving that this will be popular for the foreseeable future.


The original 10 inch tablet will always be the king, starting with the Ipad and followed with the Samsung galaxy range, take a look at the Motorola xoom, Tabtechs range and the Microsoft surface with the new range of windows 8 tablets as well. Watch Movies and TV or listen to music, play games or surf the web, read 1000's of books or do your accounts, they are capable of so much, all in a thin, light, touchscreen box.




The most popular operating system for tablets and smart phones, playing google apps and games on the device, with over 60,000 to choose from, getting bored isn't an option. The platform is constantly updating and innovating and pushing new boundaries, all the major brands are patrons of the operating system, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and HTC.


Apple OS


Apple (the first company to bring us the tablet) have had many incarnations of the Ipad and will always bring the best quality to their products, the Apple OS is only available on the ipad and iphone.


Windows 8


Two versions of the windows 8 oprating system have been released, the windows 8 RT and the windows 8 Pro, Many of the bigger brands are designing their own windows 8 tablets starting with the microsoft surface and with many of the otehr following using the windows 8 pro version.


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