HP ElitePad 900

HP can be proud of their laptop heritage, but when it comes to tablets they have been less succesful, we review their new windows 8 tablet.


By Chris Messenger | Published 26/02/2013

The Good


Window 8 Pro


8mp Camera


Large 64gb Storage


Super Thin Tablet

The Bad


No Retina Display


Expensive in Comparison


Battery life worse than expected


When we first reviewed the original HP Touchpad, we must admit to being slightly underwhelmed, but over time, we came to appreciate the Touchpad as representing both good value for money as well as a good overall product. Reviewers can’t get it right 100% of the time, but I made up for my mistake by always bigging the Touchpad up in future reviews.


For a while, the original Touchpad was on sale at under £100 and was still one of the better tablets around, so it was an awesome combination of low price and high spec.


Now, HP are about to put out the next big tablet and this time? I’m getting in on the ground floor....


The Touchscreen has also been the subject of great improvement

The Specs

First impressions? This thing is so thin its anorexic. At just 9.2mm, you could be forgiven for trying to shave with it. The ElitePad is sleek, modern and very, very cool.


The screen is a 16:10 display and, whilst not as stunning as the iPad’s Retina Display or the new Surface Pro, it is certainly very nice, with a high level of detail and good picture definition.


The Touchscreen has also been the subject of great improvement, but get this: it responds to voice activation as well. That’s right, the ElitePad actually utilizes the same technology that Batman uses. Hell yeah.


Elsewhere, a welcome 64GB of memory, exclusive HP virus guard software, Gorilla Glass screen protection and Multi-Core Processors ensure that everything here is top-spec.


The Price

As far as Windows 8 tablets go, this one is about average price. That fact alone is somewhat shocking, because, at £593, this tablet costs more than an iPad. Now, I may sit firmly in the fan camp for this particular slab, but I don’t like it more than an iPad and, given the choice, I know which way I’d ultimately choose.


The Performance

HP claim that this new tablet was designed with the business world in mind and, to this end, they have eschewed a lot of the features that most of today’s ‘hobby’ tablets take for granted. Of course, you could clog this thing up with a million apps and series after series of ‘Seinfeld’ downloads, but it really isn’t designed for that. The HP ElitePad is built to be your personal organizer, portable computer, secretary and P.A all built in to one attractive package (although, in fairness, its probably not as attractive as your average secretary).

It really feels like HP have thought of every eventuality here and the ElitePad is a joy to use.


The ElitePad is fast and smooth and the touchscreen works like a charm. In fact, the only real downside here is a subjective one. This same tablet running Android 4.0 would be a really excellent device, but given that its running Windows 8...Well, it all depends on where you stand with regards to Microsoft’s new baby. Personally, I’m not a huge fan, which is why I’d love to see this tablet running Android.


The exaggerated price is a letdown as well, but I’d hardly place the blame for that one solely on HP’s shoulders. The recent price-hike, spearheaded by the release of Windows 8 is pretty much universal, much to the dismay of myself and other potential customers.


Our Verdict

Overall, this is an excellent tablet. It really feels like HP have thought of every eventuality here and the ElitePad is a joy to use. It is fast, responsive, reliable and utterly modern. I found it impossible not to like this tablet. Sadly, a massive ‘pull-factor’ of the original Touchpad is now no more, as the price is debilitating, to say the least. When set up against the latest iPad, the ElitePad falls shorter than I wanted it to and it is considerably more expensive to boot. My only other concern is Windows 8, but that’s a moan for another day.



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