Apple iPad 3rd Gen (New iPad)

The long awaited update to the iPad 2 is here. Presenting the Apple iPad 3 (or New iPad depending on who you ask). Here is our review of Apple's third generation Tablet PC.

By Chris Messenger | Published 16/08/2012

The Good


Amazing high resolution retina screen


4G support in selected regions


Longer lasting better battery


Fantastic quality. Best tablet pc on market

The Bad


Lacks SD slot for storage expansion


Minor advances over the iPad 2


iTunes is the only way to load content


Back of the device gets very hot


Tim Cook announces the new iPad 3 at an Apple event in San Francisco.

In many ways, the current range of tablet PCs (be they good or bad) can all trace their origins back to the iPad. It’s a spurious argument, but it does hold water. If Apple had not released the iPad to such great acclaim back in 2010, would the market still have taken off like it did? We doubt it.


Well, the smart money says ‘stick with Apple’ so we’ve decided to take a look at the latest upgrade to the iPad, the iPad 3 and give you our thoughts on it.


The Specs

The New iPad uses Quad Core graphics processing, which only helps everything to look good on that beautiful screen. Frankly, unless your home entertainment centre is truly top of the range, this thing looks better than your telly.


Internally, the New iPad makes use of essentially the same set up as it predecessor, the iPad 2. Apple haven’t shifted anything around that much, the main innovations are the screen, the camera and the graphics. It does have a slightly meatier processor, but then, it would have to in order to handle such jaw-dropping visuals.



The Price

At nearly £400, this is a bit of kit that really will break the bank (as well as whoever else’s bank you have to borrow from in order to buy it). If only Apple products were more affordable – they’d conquer the world for sure.


The Performance

With Apple, user-friendliness is always at the forefront of design and this has clearly been the case with the New iPad. It is easy to use, exceptionally fast and responsive and benefits from a sublimely simple interface.


This is, without exaggeration, probably the best Tablet Computer on the market right now, it makes use of the best screen, one of the best processors and its easy to use. What more could you ask for?

Well, there are some things you could ask for, as it turns out. It may be a great machine, but the New iPad is not perfect.


The iPad 3 is a thing of beauty and craftsmanship and even its few nagging flaws don’t do enough to dissuade us from bestowing the coveted perfect score.

With no easily affordable way to improve the storage space, you may find your iPad lagging under the weight of the 60,000 Apps that are available to you. The Apps take up far too much space on the memory (and for no conceivable reason we can see), meaning that you are, effectively, limited only to what you can carry.


In addition, there’s no HDMI slot.


Also, although the New iPad is supremely user-friendly, it still doesn’t want to play with any website that uses Flash, which can cause a lot of problems. There are, as always, compatibility issues with Apple products.


The New iPad is also a bit thicker than its predecessor, especially after Apple made such a song and dance about how thin the iPad 2 was.


Oh yeah, It is also prone to overheating....


What Other Users Say

Over on, the user reviews are unsurprisingly positive. Of the 71 reviews posted, an impressive 57 have posted 4/5 or 5/5 reviews.


User ‘Michael B’ posted a glowing 5/5 review, saying “I have resisted buying a tablet for a long time as I thought it couldn't offer me anything more than my pc or laptop ----- wrong,wrong,wrong ---- I am rarely impressed with anything, but this is just the most fabulous creation since the invention of the personal computer”. He goes on to say that despite his being “of advanced years” the OS was so intuitive that he could just “dive right in”. ‘dkm1981’ gave a 4/5 review and called the iPad 3 “almost perfect”, lamenting the size and weight of the new iPad, as well as its dependency on WiFi. ‘Paul Madge’ (5/5) called the design “iconic” and praised the display, the battery life and the many available accessories.


Of course, its not all a box of chocolates, though the majority of reviews are very positive, there are a few unsatisfied customers. Users like ‘JK83’ (1/5) remain unimpressed. A self-described “Apple newbie” JK criticized the inflated price tag (and with some justification, too), the lack of memory (only 15GB – which can be restrictive if you download too many apps) as well as its cumbersome size and weight.


Our Verdict

The New iPad isn’t a major leap away from the iPad 2, but it is a genuine improvement. It’s fast, smooth, exceptionally powerful and possesses the greatest Tablet screen ever created.


Put simply, The iPad 3 is a thing of beauty and craftsmanship and even its few nagging flaws don’t do enough to dissuade us from bestowing the coveted perfect score. Cracking stuff.




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