Of Gods and Google – The World’s Most Prominent Website Builds Its Own Computer

We all do it.


Your mates do it.


Your partner does it.


Heck, I do it at least twice a day.


Yeah, your parents do it too.


That’s right, I’m talking about Google searching.


Using the search engine Google.com to obtain information, pictures or content has become such a widespread daily activity that the phrase “Google it” has become an oft-used aphorism both on the streets and in the culture in general. Google, for their part, have been aggressively expanding over the last few years and this expansion has clearly been felt everywhere you look.


Acquisitions of popular websites (like Youtube) signal a desire for greater colonisation of the virtual world, while the development of various Internet-able gadgets and gizmos (starting with smart phones and now flowering wholesale into tablet PCs) has ensured a steadily growing presence here in the physical world as well.


There is a lot to be said for a powerful search engine using its expertise to create net-ready technologies. If anybody knows how to create fast, efficient net usage its Google. But the Internet giants were clever enough not to try to create said technology in a vacuum. Over the last few years, Google has worked with a select group of developers in order to create the Nexus series, first of smart phones and, more latterly, of tablet PCs.


So what is the benefit of buying a Google Tablet PC? Well, for starters, you know that the Internet will work a lot better. Remember those early ‘mobile Internet’ phones that were slower than stoned snails in no particular hurry? Well, that technology was clearly not designed by people who knew the Internet; it was designed by phone guys. Ergo, when computer guys do the hardware and Internet guys do the software (remember that Google own Android); you ought to get a machine that’s as easy to use as it is efficient to run.


In addition, a Google Tablet PC will utilize special versions of the Android OS, an operating system that was initially designed for mobile phones and has since migrated onto tablet PCs. With Android being one of Google’s many divergent products, you can be sure that they’ll always save something a little special for themselves. This goes double for apps, many of which are smaller versions of Google-owned properties anyway.


On top of that, Google are a hot company right now and developers around the world are probably tripping over themselves to work with them. This means that Google can not only afford to employ the very best, but that they can also be very selective about who they partner with and why.


So basically, Google have learned from the very best and will be putting that knowledge alongside their own Internet expertise to develop a product that should, by rights, be the start of something major in the computer industry. Of course, time will tell, but the future of the Google Tablet PC looks to be dazzlingly bright so far.