What is 4K – How can a tablet get even brighter?

What is 4K? The term 4K refers specifically to the horizontal resolution of any screen that can display 3,800 pixels or more. By showing around 4,000 pixels, this technology can be used to increase picture quality, colour contrast and depth of field. TV screens are the best examples of this improved HD quality picture, although it is being developed in laptops and tablets.

OK, so What is 4K being used for?

Panasonic have released a 4K tablet, but it is a 20” screen, making it roughly twice the size of the original iPad. As for the laptop version, Toshiba are currently working on this particular problem. Despite the technology’s availability, the industry as a whole has been slow to standardize 4K output (particularly with regards to HDMI) and this serves as something of an impediment to its overall adoption. However, the incredible visuals provided by 4K and the positive customer response to ‘Ultra HD’ as a whole will almost certainly prove to be catalysts for change in this regard.

4K resolution is there to give you the best picture quality money can buy (at least until 8K becomes more widely available). Using 4K TV, your streamed content will look better than ever before (as will your Skype calls) and movies on Blu Ray will be simply astonishing. Such incredible picture will lead to a more immersive gaming experience as well, with the large-scale synthetic worlds of games like ‘Assassin’s Creed’ or ‘Grand Theft Auto’ taking on a new (and jaw dropping) level of realism. Even your old DVDs will sparkle when played on your Blu Ray Player, as 4K brings out the best in absolutely everything it touches.

With thousands of pixels, hundreds of colours and a picture so sharp it could draw blood – what’s not to love about 4K?

As I write this, I am reminded of that episode of ‘Futurama’ when Fry refused to leave his new house. Unless I’m mistaken, Leela scolded him, saying something like “you’re wasting your life watching TV, get out there and see the real world!” to which Fry responded “But this is HD TV, it has better resolution than the real world”. It is a conversation that will soon hit far closer to home than any jokes about robots or flying cars. That’s actually a shame; I really want a flying car robot.

The future is here, which works out well because, thanks to 4K resolution, it looks fantastic.