Ployer Momo 9

We take a look at what works (and what doesn’t work) on the Ployer Momo 9.  

By Chris Messenger | Published 16/08/2012

The Good


HD and 3D Output via mini HDMI


Flash support for iPlayer/Youtube


Despite Resolution great looking screen


Easy access to Google play

The Bad


Surprisingly slow application loading


Mini hdmi adapter not included


Wifi only. No 3G, Bluetooth support


OS hanging/crashing at random intervals


Affordable tablets tend to be a bit naff. No, I’m not being a snob, they just do. The story usually goes something like this: ‘Person A’ wants a tablet but doesn’t have much money so (without doing much research), he buys the cheapest model around. Then, Person A spends a lot of extra money on phone calls to Taiwan in a vain attempt to fix the tablet, before giving up entirely and spending even more money on a better one. It’s a timeless classic that has been re-told again and again. I expect a Disney animated version will be released sometime next year.


With the Momo9, however, Ployo reckon they’ve made a cheap tablet that’s also pretty reliable and this time I think they might be right. We dispatched our fearless reviewer to find out more...


The WiFi is smooth and the Flash support (enabling BBC iPlayer amongst others) is very welcome indeed.

The Specs

The Momo9 actually has specs that you can find on tablets worth twice as much. With 8GB of internal memory (which can be upped to 32GB with an SD card), 512MB of RAM, 1.6GHz processor and the very latest Android OS (‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0.3) – this tablet is extremely high spec for a model available at under £80.


It is also supremely industrious; making use of a number of ports, including USB (via the included adaptor), Mini USB, HDMI, SD card and a headphone slot. It also has full 3D output and is actually designed to hook up to a 3D TV or monitor for easy, high quality playback.


The LCD screen is anti glare and relatively high spec, but only has 800 x 480 resolution and is not 3D. Meanwhile, Google Play and Flash are pre-uploaded and, as if that wasn’t enough, the package also includes a set of headphones and a screen cloth.


The Price

Amazingly, this tablet only costs £79. It has been available since April of this year, so that’s the RRP without any discounts or price drops. Excellent.



The Performance

This tablet tested very well indeed. It hooks up to the TV beautifully and plays with only a couple of minor interruptions. The WiFi is smooth and the Flash support (enabling BBC iPlayer amongst others) is very welcome indeed.


Apps all worked beautifully and downloaded quickly, with minimum fuss. The speakers are generally very good quality for a tablet. Though not enough really to watch a movie on, they are more than adequate for playing MP3s and making Skype calls.


It is very user friendly and can turn its hand to quite a few tasks, making it a very useful little gadget to have around.


The Momo 9 is not perfect, however. Despite not being as dim as some of the other ‘budget’ screens, the Momo 9’s screen is quite low resolution (although is technically high res) and the touch screen function is a little on the tardy side. In addition, the Momo 9 can be a little bit choppy, stopping and stuttering if it has too much lumped onto it.


The front-facing camera is a pain also and could stand to be a bit better really. However, these are relatively small concerns and do not really affect the running of the device. If you want an iPad, buy an iPad, know what I mean?


If you want an iPad 2 without paying ‘iPad 2 money’, then you’d better either seduce someone who works at Apple R&D or be prepared to begin a life of crime.

What Over Users Say

When we headed over to to look at their user reviews, we were happy to see that we weren’t alone in thinking highly of this product. Of the 58 customer reviews posted, 46 were rated 4/5 or higher and only 5 had listed this at 1/5 (the lowest possible score).


Customers like ‘Dan Chorely’ (4/5) said that it was “good spec for the price” and that WiFi problems were rare. ‘Gail B’ (5/5) wrote, “I don't see any major evidence that this is a cheap make - I think its extremely worth the price”. Elsewhere, ‘Igor The Annoyed’ (5/5), a jaded former Apple customer, praised this tablet, despite saying that the Kindle app left a lot to be desired (more likely a fault with the app itself than the tablet). ‘Tom’ (5/5) called the Momo 9 “unbelievable value for money!”


On the more critical side, ‘David Alec White’ (3/5) criticized the instruction manual (He’s right - it is rubbish). He also had problems downloading files from his USB stick. ‘Contadino’ (1/5) started out with a fairly positive review, but, in a later update, mentioned that his Momo 9 has “gradually fallen to bits” and that it now can’t go two minutes without crashing. This is a genuinely disturbing report.


Most of the negative reviews focus on the processing speed; to be fair, this tablet is rather slow.


Our Verdict

If you want an iPad 2 without paying ‘iPad 2 money’, then you’d better either seduce someone who works at Apple R&D or be prepared to begin a life of crime. The point is that you aren’t going to get a top-level tablet for £80.


What you can get, however, is a charming and able little run around that has far higher specs than almost anything else in its price range. If it is used with a little patience and some TLC, the Momo 9 can be every bit as effective as models that ask twice the price. Overall, I think this tablet is excellent value for money and worth picking up if you’re pinching the pennies for whatever reason.



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